Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AskRVExperts - New Website That Pays for Expert Questions and Answers

The website aims to help users from all corners of the Internet quickly find the most accurate information possible about RVs. Members share their RV expertise in exchange for AskRVExperts Dollars, a virtual currency that can be used both within the AksRVExperts E-Store and around the site.

All information you find on AskRVExperts is created and curated by members of the AskRVExperts Community. Members of the community can ask questions, provide expert answers and rate the quality of answers. The author of a question picks the best answer given and the author of the best answer is rewarded in AskRVExperts Dollars. The more quality answers given by a member the more he is rewarded. Not only is there a monetary benefit but members also gain “status” by a rating system.

The idea is to have the AskRVExperts community judge answers to member questions to get the best and most helpful answers possible. It is a wisdom of the crowd knowledge base you can count on to get your RV questions answered quickly and accurately. Anybody can sign up and participate at AskRVExperts and every expertise and viewpoint is welcome.

So browse on over to AskRVExperts, ask some questions, and get paid for your expert answers!

Monday, December 15, 2008 Has a New Look and New Content

After many tireless hours of work, the new look and content of our sister site,, is finally here! While some things have changed, others stayed the same, like the forums. Why change a good thing? Here is a run-down of what’s new:

  • Home Page - new layout, featured content, popular mods, recent comments, news, and a new tag cloud to help you get directly to the mods you’re interested in.

  • Sidebar - new tabbed layout to help get more mod information in one place so you don’t have to click around to find the mod you want to do.

  • Mods Page - new layout displaying mod pictures, comments, and ratings, and the categories for the mod. Navigation is also easier with numbered mod pages.

  • Videos Page - this is a new page to the site and is a collection of RV-related videos from around the web, with how-to’s, mods, funny stuff, and much more.

  • Resources Page - this is a new page chock full of links, software, ebooks, and other mod forums. There is so much information here, it may take a while to get through!

  • FAQ Page - we added some more questions and answers about mods.

  • About Page - the about page has a new layout and streamlined information so you can quickly see who we are and what we’re about, though it should be obvious!

  • Contact page - where did it go? To contact us, we have provided a link to our contact page at the bottom of every page, along with our terms and conditions and privacy information.

Please bear with them during this transition to the new site. Hopefully, they have done our homework and nothing is broken or doesn’t work right. If you have any problems, please let them know in the forums or drop them an email. And feel free to make any suggestions that will help them get to you the mods need to do!

Happy modding!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How-to #29: Installing an RV Water Heater Bypass Kit

A water heater bypass is used to, well, bypass your water heater. Why? There are several reasons to mod your plumbing system with a bypass but the most popular is for winterizing. Your RV water heater typically holds 6-10 gallons of water. In order to prevent having to fill your water heater completely with antifreeze during winterization, a bypass is installed to eliminate the water tank from the plumbing circuit, and so both the hot and cold water systems are tied together. This can save you a lot of money and it makes de-winterizing much easier. Here's how to install one in your RV.

Monday, September 29, 2008

How-to #28: Installing a Tornado Holding Tank Rinser

Ever wake up at 3am in a cold sweat wondering if your holding tanks are clean? Probably not but installing a holding tank rinser will ensure this never happens to you. This RV modification will give you peace of mind so that the next time you use your toilet or sink after a long storage period, no stinky odors will gag you out of your RV.

Friday, August 29, 2008

How-to #27: Adding a Heater Vent to Your RV

As odd as it is, sometimes an RV manufacturer will neglect to install a furnace vent where you need it most, like in the bathroom or bunk house. It’s no fun making that 2-in-the-morning trip to a freezing bathroom. This how-to is about adding that missing furnace vent using one of your unused furnace air distribution box outlets.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How-to #26: Making Your Noisy RV Furnace Quiet

Have you ever cursed your RV furnace for waking you up in the middle of the night? Have you ever had to turn up the TV a few notches when the RV furnace kicks on? RV furnaces are notoriously noisy for a number of reasons. Generally, most of the noise comes from the high-speed fan which is then amplified by the enclosure the furnace sits in. This how-to focuses on how to reduce the furnace noise using soundproofing material and a little airflow trick that will lower the noise level to a dull roar.